April woman and knight in shining armour. 

This installation was first displayed in Goa during the exhibition for Goa Cap. The entire piece was inspired and made out of the old photographs and negatives that I found in my mother's cupboard. It was everything that photography is to me; reliving time. April woman is a fictitious character. Taking bits and pieces from all the women I have admired, read about, seen and wanted to be. It's the intimate little world of that woman. Something that the outside world may not have access to. And the classical hero, her knight in shining armor becomes marly a small window that she lives her dreams through. Just a minor character in a much larger tale. The negatives and prints of my mother were used to make Alternative photographic prints that I made during my residency in Goa. These are Cyanotype prints toned with Tea, Coffee and Haritaki.